AS a national umbrella body, KAACR has cut out a niche for herself as a leading Child Rights Organization with capacity to infiltrate governments and ensure that they are child friendly, by bringing together a host of different types of agencies into loose structures know as County Child Rights Networks that are currently found in 22 of the 47 counties of Kenya, empowering children through a child-friendly way of working that has ensured children grow into responsible youth and adults who are responsible and gender sensitive and working with political/elected leaders to ensure they become child-friendly and support budgets at county and national levels.

1. Arising from the above, KAACR is looking for partnerships with like-minded partners both from the north and south to enable us document these best practices that can be used in other parts of the continent and the world at large.

2. We are also seeking partnerships with institutions of higher learning to test the various theories that we have employed with government, children agencies and children so that they can become part of the added knowledge on new learnings that can be incorporated in syllabi of colleges and universities.

3. We are seeking partnerships to expand the annual National Workshop for CSOs that is now in its 9th year to expand beyond the borders of Kenya as a major boiling point for exchange of ideas on children rights not only for the region but for Africa as a continent. The 8th workshop had participants from five East African countries i.e. Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan and Kenya. Our target this year is to bring together all the 19 East and Southern Africa countries if we got support and partnership.

4. KAACR has a pool of what is known as KAACR Alumni – these are young people who worked with KAACR when they were in primary and secondary schools and have now formed their own movements linked to KAACR as they advocate for realization of children rights. Currently we have Child Rights Defenders, Child Rights Ambassadors and Child Rights Advocates across the country. Besides, there are many others who are serving in different departments of government, private sector, civil society organizations and holding political elective position where they are still advancing the rights of children using the skills we gave them and they need have a link with KAACR. These are a reason we want to partner with another organization to realize their maximum potential.

5. KAACR has sensitized a pool of Court Magistrates, police officers, media reporters and teacher facilitators on children rights and responsibilities. The teacher facilitators have a formed a loose National Child Facilitators Association where they exchange views and train other teachers. It is quite some time since this was done and we are seeking for partnerships to revive these sensitizations and trainings so that they can ensure maximum protection of children. KAACR is in particular interested in strengthening the Child Rights Facilitators Association where some members are very useful retired teachers who are walking libraries of child rights sensitization - a resource not only to the children in schools but the reason as a whole.

6. We are seeking partnership to put up the FIRST Child Rights Information and Documentation Centre in Africa. KAACR has a parcel of land in Kisumu County and has earmarked it for putting up the first Child-Friendly Centre for empowering people and especially children on the Rights and Responsibilities. KAACR plans to use her immense knowledge in Child Rights to involve children and youth who went through Child Rights Movement in Kenya in the design of the centre so that it can serve the interests of children not only in Kenya but Africa and the world.

As an organization we would be glad to meet with partners who see this an opportunity to change lives of not only children but the entire continent of Africa through sharing our experiences which cannot fit on paper and also learning from other good practices in other parts of the world.

We shall be grateful if given an opportunity to share this vision with you.

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Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) is national umbrella body for NGO’s cooperation and exchange of information on children rights in Kenya with a membership of over 250 children agencies in Kenya.