Track Record

Track Record

Since its inception, KAACR has taken a lead role among the NGO Community in advocating for and promoting the realization of the rights of children in Kenya.

KAACR pioneered the child participation movement in Kenya through establishment of Child Rights Clubs in schools and children institutions. The first clubs were established in 1992 in the then Kisumu Municipality as a pilot project and spread to Nairobi Province in 1995. To make the clubs to be felt throughout the country, KAACR published a Facilitators Manual for establishing Child Rights Clubs and also inducted a number of organizations on how to start and run the clubs. Among the organizations inducted were Child Welfare Society of Kenya and Plan International, Kenya. The clubs are now a common feature in many children institutions and this is exhibited by the increased awareness of child participation in Kenya.

We are also supported child led movement on creating child friendly environment in public primary and secondary schools and advocacy against corporal punishment in Coast and Western Provinces. In 2004, we led participation of Lesson for Life activities of Global Movement for Children (GMC) in Kenya.

KAACR played a lead role in compilation of Kenya’s initial report on the implementation of the CRC with the support of UNICEF Kenya Country Office. The 1st, 2nd and combined 3rd, 4th and 5th state party reports and the NGO supplementary reports were submitted to the UNCRC Child Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland and the NGO report on Kenya’s report to the African Committee of Experts on the ACRWC. During the NGO session, KAACR ensured the participation of children from the districts to the NGO session in Geneva. KAACR spearheaded dissemination of the country report in 19 UNICEF focus districts in Kenya. KAACR continues to act as the lead agency in reporting to the UNCRC Committee in fulfillment of Article 44 on the Convention as it is the secretariat of the NGO CRC Committee.

Besides the UNCRC, KAACR has also been involved in providing information on status of children for compilation and presentation of alternative reports on UN Convention Against Torture, UN Covenant on Social Economic and Cultural Rights (UNCSER) and Kenya’s report to the Human Rights Council besides other UN instruments.

KAACR took a lead role in the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children (UNGASS) in New York which culminated in the Outcome Document – a World Fit for Children.

KAACR coordinated the NGO sector in lobbying for the passage of the Children Act 2001. This process involved lobbying child-friendly lawyers to review the bill, working with the drafters in the Attorney Generals Chambers and lobbying parliamentarians through seminars to interest them to pass the bill. This resulted in the enactment of Children Act in March 2001.

KAACR took a lead role among the NGO Community in advocating on inclusion of children’s issues in the constitutional reform process. KAACR spearheaded the process of recognition of children in the ongoing Constitution of Kenya Review Process in which the children have made gains on their recognition, protection and participation. Through its members, KAACR coordinated the mobilization of views of children from all over Kenya on the proposed constitution and lobbied the delegates to support children issues. KAACR also organized for children to present their views to the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission. A lot success we realized through this, as the draft Constitution of Kenya now has a section on children in the chapter on the Bill of Rights. KAACR’s former Executive Director was among the elected People’s Commissioners who put pressure on the government to embark on the constitutional review process. Through this, a number of people from the children sector were selected by the Constitution Review Commission as delegates and observers in the National Delegates Constitutional Conference. This resulted in article 53 in the current Kenyan constitution that addresses children’s rights.

As a way of strengthening the capacity of member organizations and CBOs, KAACR started a grant-making programme which is already bearing a lot of fruits in the children sector. This started as a response to the request by the NGOs and CBOs KAACR had trained on Rights-Based Programming and Project Management. KAACR has undertaken this project on a pilot basis and has now published a grant-making manual. Small NGOs and CBOs undertaking activities at the grassroots level are eligible to receive these grants.

KAACR supports children-led movements on adolescent health rights, advocacy against negative practices such as early marriage, teenage pregnancies, female genital mutilation (FGM), drug abuse, child participation, Advocating against Child Labour, Alternatives to Corporal punishment, Child Protection, Child Rights Governance and awareness in five counties, establishment of County Child Rights Networks across the country and sensitization on children rights beyond the borders in collaboration with children agencies in Musoma, Tanzania, Jinja, Kampala and Masaka in Uganda and in Zanzibar.

AS a national umbrella body, KAACR has cut out a niche for herself as a leading Child Rights Organization with capacity to infiltrate governments and ensure that they are child friendly, by bringing together a host of different types of agencies into loose structures know as County Child Rights Networks (CCRNs) that are currently found in 22 of the 47 counties of Kenya, empowering children through a child-friendly way of working that has ensured children grow into responsible youth and adults who are responsible and gender sensitive and working with political/elected leaders to ensure they become child-friendly and support budgets at county and national levels.

Convening of annual National CSO Sector Advocacy Workshops from CCRNs and other children based agencies is one of the high points of KAACR. Now in its 9th year, the workshop has expanded beyond the borders of Kenya as melting pot for exchange of ideas on children rights not only for Kenya but EAC region. The 8th workshop brought together 100 participants from five East African countries i.e. Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan and Kenya.

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Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) is national umbrella body for NGO’s cooperation and exchange of information on children rights in Kenya with a membership of over 250 children agencies in Kenya.