Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

1. Monitoring the domestication of National, regional and international child rights instruments Implementation of CRC (the general comments, optional protocols and general discussions) and related instruments, African Charter and regional charters i.e. EAC, IGAD, COMESA, WFFC goals, SGDs,

i. Monitor implementation of UNCRC (CRC, General Comments, Optional Protocols and General Discussions) and related instruments, African Charter and regional charters i.e. EAC, IGAD, COMESA & SGDs

ii. Monitor Implementation of National & County legislations/policies and framework for children

2. Strengthening networking and building partnerships for increased visibility of Children Rights

- Establish strategic partnership on Child Rights to health, development and protection

i. Children and climate Change (DRR / URR )

ii. Children and health

iii. Children and education (religious/higher learning institutions)

iv. Children and Transport, media communication/technology

- Strengthening collaboration with Child Rights Civil Society/NGOs Networks in Kenya

3. Child and Youth Empowerment

i. Empower child / youth led movements to engage with National and County Government.

ii. Build capacity on Child Rights Governance, child protection and child participation.

iii. Strengthen partnership with institutions of higher learning and professionals to promote mentorship and peer learning between children and youth.

4. Research and documentation

i. Participatory monitoring of implementation of the rights of Children in Kenya. a. Rewarding good and bad practices by the private sectors, political class, religious institutions, government ministries and departments, schools et al.

ii. Conduct surveys, analysis (CRSA) and researches on emerging topics on children.

iii. Strengthen organizational capacity and development of KAACR staff and membership.

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Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) is national umbrella body for NGO’s cooperation and exchange of information on children rights in Kenya with a membership of over 250 children agencies in Kenya.