On Going Projects

Pastoralists Communities

KAACR’s experience in lobbying and advocating for the rights of children in Kenya and the work undertaken during the three year networking KPNC project, has been proven that where there are no coordinated efforts between government and civil society organizations towards the protection of children, there is bound to be increased violence against children as child protection bonds are weakened. KAACR identified the biggest problem within nomadic counties where children are unable to realize their full rights to education to be inadequate child protection mechanisms.  Through this project, KAACR and her membership seeks to address the inadequacies in child protection mechanisms within the target Counties. KAACR has sampled five Counties where it will spearhead the project with the intention of bringing together all children actors (both government and civil society) to address the pertinent issues affecting children in the target pastoralist communities i.e. Isiolo, Samburu, Narok, Wajir and Kajiado.

The goal of this two year project is Strengthened Child Protection Mechanisms in pastoralists Communities and the project objectives are:


  • To monitor the implementation and Coordination of child protection policies and legislations in target Counties using Kenya’s legal framework
  • To promote human rights to education in target Counties through strengthening of infrastructure and Child Participation (Ten schools per County)
  • To Document best practices on child protection and promote linking and learning in Kenya
  • To Strengthen the organizational capacity of KAACR and her Network Members to enhance Child Protection