Past Projects


Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) is a national umbrella body for NGOs cooperation and exchange of information on children rights in Kenya. KAACR’s strategy is geared towards enhancing the child protection systems in a systemic approach by all key actors in addressing matters affecting children in Kenya. The recent study on the current situational analysis of children in Kenya, done by the government of Kenya and UNICEF Kenya Country Office, show the increasing caseload of children needing care and protection.
KAACR has implemented a one year project on Strengthening Provincial Child Rights Networks in four selected counties with the support of AJWS through Wellsprings Inc. During the one year project, KAACR managed to establish and strengthen County Child Rights Networks that have been used to protect children against violence and abuse as well as raise the profile of children matters at the county level.
This  project proposal is therefore going to build on the gains made from the one year project(2013/2014) where activities were undertaken to establish and strengthen County Child Rights Networks (CCRNs) with a focus on networking and collaboration at local level in four Counties, the one year project acted as a build up from the previously established community based child protection mechanisms, the on-going project on Child Rights Governance and baselines undertaken on understanding of child protection, child labour and the available child protection actors in the county. This project will  contribute by strategically taking lead in child rights awareness by reducing violence in and around schools and advancing children’s rights with a firm legal foundationamong schools, community and strengthening children agencies through  existing child-focused legal and policy framework using  the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Children Act 2001 and an array of policies aimed at protecting children.
KAACR being a premier organization in children matters, works at the macro level (national) by lobbying government structures for policy reform and implementation, at the meso level through mobilizing NGO/CSO stakeholders to monitor and hold government accountable through networking and at the micro level by working with and through local agencies to strengthen community child protection mechanisms from a systems approach.
The long term goal of this project is to ensure that children are protected against violence both in and out of schools as well as advancing the rights of Children with a firm legal foundation from a rights based approach and in an empowering way so as to enable the Kenya government abide by the international obligations it signed on children and achieve the MDGs and in a way realize the national Vision 2030. The key drivers of this project will be member organizations (CSOs) in the target counties who have worked with for the past year and now have a great passion for protection of children as a united front than individual organizations together with county & national structures that have a responsibility for child protection.