Past Projects

Children Lead the Way

Children Lead the Way is 5 year project that started in 2012-2015. It is a project that is being supported by Save the Children Canada in collaboration with organizations KAACR and other four partners in Kenya that  includes: KNOTE, LAARE Waumini Sacco, Kangaroo Actors 2000 and AFCIC.KAACR is  working with organizations such as ILO, UNICEF and the Kenya government in partnership with labour related organizations such as COTU, FKE, KUDHEIA and NGOs such as ANPPCAN, Undugu Society of Kenya, AMWIK –who have been making efforts to address the thorny problem of child labour and child protection as a whole. Lives of many children have been cut short due to their inability to continue with education and ended up working from a tender age besides being affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

There is still lack of comprehensive and disaggregated data on the situation of children in Kenya that can be fully relied on, at the same time the efforts being made are still inadequate when it comes to rehabilitative/re-integrative problems and in a nutshell, the problem of lack of a social protection systems for children in the country means that many working children are left to suffer a lot. However, it is good to note that government through the committee has a vision of working at ensuring that Kenya gets child labour free zones as a way of advocating for total elimination of child labour in the country.

KAACR also guides the meaningful participation of children in forums such as the annual children voices – now also held in regions, Day of the African Child (DAC), World Day against Child Labour (WDACL), World AIDS Day (WAD), World Orphans Day (WOD) and Rights of the Child Day (ROC) celebrations across the country. KAACR also provides leadership for holding the government accountable to international and regional child-related instruments it has signed by preparing state party and alternative reports to the various treaty bodies.