Mission & Vision

Mission, Vision & Core Values

The Vision
A society that protects the rights of all children and youth.

The Mission
Is to advocate for and promote the realization of rights and roles of children and youth.

Core values
KAACR’s core values:-

  1. Team work and sense of belonging
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Respect for all
  4. Protection of all children and youth
  5. All children are equal partners regardless of their status
  6. Upholding effective communication

Over the years, KAACR has experienced tremendous growth that has seen her implement various projects geared towards promoting the rights and welfare of children in Kenya. Established in 1996, KAACR has implemented two strategic plans 2001 – 2010 and 2011 -2015 and we currently commenced on a 5-year strategic plan 2016 -2020 whose strategic objectives are: - various KAACR’s programmatic goals as contained in 5-year Strategic Plan (2011 – 2015) are as follows: -

i.    Monitoring domestication of national, regional and international child rights instruments,
ii.    Strengthening networking and building partnerships for increased visibility of children rights
iii.    Child and Youth empowerment
iv.    Research and documentation

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