KAACR has three types of Membership:

Full Members- These are National and International registered NGO’s working with Children.

Associate Members- these include Child Rights Clubs, Community –Based Organization (CBO’s) and youth groups.

Individual Members- These are people who have distinguished themselves in children Rights Movement as determined by KAACR Executive Board.

KAACRs membership is open to all agencies which subscribe to the principles of CRC .Full and Individual members pay an annual subscription fee of Kshs 200 and have voting rights while Associate members do not pay membership and only participate in AGM but do not vote.


  • Action Aid Kenya
  • African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect(ANPPCAN) Kenya Chapter
  • Association For Physically Disabled Of Kenya (APDK)
  • Child Hope Kenya
  • Child Welfare Society Of Kenya
  • Christian Children’s Fund (CCF)
  • Christian Health Association Of Kenya(CHAK)
  • Homa Hills Development Organization
  • Islamic Foundation
  • Kenya National Council Of Social Studies
  • Kenya Society For The Mentally Handicapped (KSMH)
  • MaendeleoyaWanawake Organization (KMYWO)
  • Save The Children –Canada
  • Undugu Society Of Kenya
  • Young Men Christian Association (YMA)

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