KAACR Features

Children At Risk (CAR)

Child Rights Governance

Legal and Policy framework

Goals & Objectives

Realization of implementation of legal and policy framework that Read More...
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 Children and youth participation in decision making
Realization of a strengthened organization on child rights
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  • KAACR started in 1988 as a national liaison committee on the rights of the child to popularize the draft UN convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and to lobby for its adoption and ratification. At its formation, the primary duty was to monitor and evaluate the implementation and non observance of the principles and provisions of the CRC in Kenya. This duty remains part of KAACRs mandate although this has expanded to include other programs.


    KAACR has grown tremendously, over the years, in terms of staff, programs, budget, image and profile. Due to the growth and success of its work, the organization has curved out a positive image and credibility, with regard to child rights, in the country and beyond the borders.

  • The Vision
    A society that protects the rights of all children and youth.

    The Mission
    Is to advocate for and promote the realization of rights and roles of children and youth.

    KAACR Core Values

    KAACR values and is committed to:

    1.    Team work and sense of belonging
    2.    Transparency and accountability
    3.    Respect for all
    4.    Protection of all children and youth
    5.    All children are equal partners regardless of their status
    6.    Upholding effective communication

    • Monitor the domestication of international and regional child rights instruments and advocate for enactment, harmonization and implementation of national children and youth focused legislations.
    • Empower stakeholders on rights and roles of children and youth.
    • Enhanced child participation (environment, disaster, wash etc)The strategic goal is to have child and youth participation in decision making meaningfully practiced at all levels.
    • Strengthen networking and collaboration with likeminded partners. The strategic goal is to achieve greater success in child protection as a result of enhanced networking, collaboration and partnerships among the players in children and youth sectors.
    • KAACR institutional strengthening and sustainability.The strategic goal is to realize strengthened organizational capacity and sustainability for effective delivery of programs.